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The Reading Railroad will connect the works of renegade credentialed engineers and scientists, science popularizers, industrial business magnates, architects, inventors, and philosophers.

The aim of this is to illustrate new ways of thinking about electromagnetism and energy, as well as ways to use them to make the Earth a better place for life... and for living.

Important people

Renegade credentialed engineers

  • Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy (1949 - Present) - Yunitskiy is a Belarusian engineer, the head of the Sky Way Group of Companies, and the author and General designer of Sky Way transport systems which are several-fold more energy-efficient and resource-efficient than other forms of transport. Sky Way transport is embodied in infrastructure complexes at EcoTechnoPark (Maryina Gorka, Republic of Belarus). The transport and agrobiological technologies of Sky Way under the vision and leadership of Yunitskiy set up foundational solutions to the challenges of enabling safe and harmonious development of our built infrastructure, saving not only human lives, but potentially the many millions of species on Earth that are currently under threat due to the disturbance caused by anthroprogenic waste.

Renegade credentialed scientists

  • Randell Lee Mills (1957 - Present) - Mills is the American founder and CEO of Brilliant Light Power, Inc. in New Jersey who promotes significant reworking of quantum mechanics in terms of new solutions in classical physics that were not discovered until after the inception of the Standard Model of particle physics. He has discovered a new form of chemical-species based on a previously unknown form of atomic hydrogen, which he calls "hydrinos", which release energy from the hydrogen atom of a magnitude intermediate between hydrogen combustion and hydrogen fusion. He identifies this matter as the dark matter of the universe.
  • Ruggero Maria Santilli (1935 - Present) - Santilli is the Italian-American founder and CEO of Thunder Energies Corporation in Florida who promotes using a physical theory which "preserves the abstract axioms of Lie's theory while being applicable to non-linear, non-local and non-canonical systems". He has discovered a way to compress hydrogen atoms to generate what he describes as "thermal neutrons".

Science popularizers

  • William J. Beaty (195x - Present) - Beaty is an American research engineer in the State of Washington, USA with a long-standing and highly ranked web page about amateur science, in particular electromagnetism, electricity and crackpot science and the advantages of not being too skeptical.

Industrial business magnates

  • Elon Reeve Musk (1971 - Present) - Musk is a Billionaire South African-born industrial entrepreneur and inventor in California, USA who has successfully founded and co-founded numerous business enterprises relating to finance, energy, and transportation. After making his first major fortune as Co-Founder of PayPal, he has become the environmentally-conscious CEO of several very large companies. His business startups have focused on uprising forms of technology, such as renewable solar power (SolarCity), mass-production electric cars (Tesla), and reusable chemical rockets (SpaceX). His guiding principles have been from early age for the long-term survivability of human civilization and life on this planet. He gains his insight largely from a first-principles perspective which challenges conventional stereotypes about what can be accomplished. He has been trained in both how the universe works (physics) as well as how people work (business). He is thus highly competitive with the existing establishments in the energy, transportation, and aerospace industries.
  • Zhang Yue (1960 - Present) - Zhang is a Billionaire Chinese industrial entrepreneur and CEO of Broad Group in Hunan, China. He is also a successful inventor having filed and patented numerous inventions relating to the efficiency and quality improvement of cooling equipment for buildings. These efforts have mitigated large amounts of environmental pollution, an especially important issue in industrializing China. Zhang has also pioneered efforts to streamline the logistics of skyscraper construction, employing lean principles and modular assembly for large economies of scale. These have extended to a plan to build a city within a building, actually many of them, complete with homes, schools, shops, and offices. These would sit ideally in the country side, in contrast to current pattern of urban sprawl in China.


  • Paolo Soleri (1919 - 2013) - Soleri is an Italian-American architect and visionary in Arizona, USA, who in 1969 published his views in a book titled Arcology - City in the Image of Man. It centers on sustainable urban architecture in harmony with the ecology of nature, which he calls "architectural ecology" or "Arcology". His designs called for resource-lean cities without urban sprawl and with minimal impact on the environment. The emphasis was not only on his designs for the structure and interior of his buildings, but also the consideration of the resources available in the area.
  • Jacque Fresco (1916 - 2017) - Fresco is an American architect and visionary in Florida, USA who has developed a new way of thinking about society based on systems theory. He proposes a future of a highly-advanced civilized society with no war or human politics. He argues that common problems that humanity suffers from can be solved by deliberate and pervasive application of the principles of the scientific method to all problems, both social and technological. On this foundation, he has designed entire cities in theory as well as machines for transportation, construction, and utility systems.


  • Joseph W.R. Newman (1936 - 2015) - Newman is an inventor from the U.S. American South, where he developed the idea that a single underlying mechanism is responsible for all physical phenomenon in the universe, which he derived from an analogy between the mechanics of gyroscopes and electromagnetic induction. In the late 1960's, after inventing and patenting an innovative method of coating barbells in an attractive plastic casing intended to improve the public's interest in weight training, he encountered a quick insight as he read Maxwell's theoretical work on Electromagnetism which speaks of the magnetic field as being "matter in motion". His invention is described in his book The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman, which has 8 editions. His efforts were catalyzed after the aftermath of Hurricane Betsy had killed many people who were, in his opinion, not respectfully treated in the news media. He had stopped believing in God at the moment, but then he soon climbed a mountain in Puerto Rico to ask the "Goodness of the Universe" to help him to "do good for humanity" and that he "would rather die than not do it." Newman later testified to having a few close extraterrestrial encounters of the third kind, and he also had claimed to see other physical events, which he had interpreted be the intervention of God.
  • John R.R. Searl (1932 - Present) - Searl is an English inventor currently residing in California, USA and is CEO of Searl Magnetics, Inc.. He was inspired since childhood by a series of recurring dreams which puzzled him greatly. His interpretation of these dreams ultimately led to his invention of a device consisting of concentric annular rings composed of a series of different materials, including neodymium, nylon, iron, and copper. These rings were spaced by specially magnetized neodymium metal rollers (not to be confused with Nd2Fe14B). Operation of the device is said to cause free electrons to pair in opposite spins and accelerate successively through each layer, from the center toward the outer periphery, extracting kinetic energy from the spins of the material. This is analogous to how the NASA Voyager probes 1 and 2 in early 1970s obtained additional orbital energy from the orbital and spin kinetic energy of the outer planets. To improve efficiency, copper is used in some layers to prevent the rollers from colliding with the annular rings via eddy current repulsion.


  • Claude M.M. Vorilhon (1946 - Present) - Vorilhon is a former Frenchman currently living in Okinawa, Japan and is the author of several books which have been translated into over 35 languages. These books promote a "third-way" hypothesis of the history of life's origins. He reports having close encounters of the fifth kind in 1973 with the top head of an advanced extraterrestrial race. Vorilhon is said to have received information about what humanity's scientists will soon discover in the coming decades, such as life extension by a factor of 10, neuron regeneration through meditation, resurrection through a series of bodies via a highly-advanced cloning procedure, the infinite nature of time and space, and the infinite past and infinite future of creation of life from planet to planet, propagated by intelligent beings throughout the universe. He advocates the redirection of all military finances of every nation towards civilian uses of automation, artificial intelligence, and biological robots. In his 1975 book Extraterrestrials Took Me To Their Planet, brief mentions are made supporting the ideas of vertical cities, basic income, and the idea of using "the atom in a closed circuit" as a nearly inexhaustible source of energy.

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