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'''[[Bill of materials]]'''
'''[[Bill of materials]]'''
:To prepare resources in advanced before making is generally advised.
:To prepare resources in advance before making is generally advised.
'''[[Video recording methodology]]'''
'''[[Video recording methodology]]'''

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In order to facilitate the replication of the S.H.O. Drive, this Replication Station will feature forms, instructions, and self-contracts to promote a well-planned approach to replication.

Maker's Pledge

To commit before making, it may help to use this simple self-contract.

Bill of materials

To prepare resources in advance before making is generally advised.

Video recording methodology

To convey information about one's replication to the public, one must be knowledgeable about how to record video to documents events clearly.


The official S.H.O. drive presentation "Let's Build a S.H.O. Drive" highlights one way, but not the only way, that a S.H.O. Drive may be built and constructed.

Data collection

Collecting data is essential to properly evaluating replications.

Replication score card

Not all replications are created equal, and therefore precedence should be given to the better of them. This requires a scoring system.