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To facilitate understanding of the S.H.O. Drive, this Function Conjunction will catalog the ideas, creations, and techniques underlying its invention.

Magnetic Energy

The Magnetic Energy is the energy existing in magnetic fields.

The Anatomy of a Physical Expression

A physical expression is a product of factors, each with their own distinct role in defining a property of a physical system. Types include constants, coefficients, quantities, proximities, dislocations, and directions.

Functions composed of Physical Expressions

A function composed of physical expressions is simply the result of the summations, differences, exponentiations, logarithms, or distributed multiplications or divisions of these physical expressions, or in the simplest case, a function is simply equal to an expression, such as [math]E(m) = mc^2[/math], where [math]E[/math] is a function of [math]m[/math].

Electromagnetic Potentials

The basic idea here is that the electromagnetic potentials [math]\phi[/math] and [math]A[/math] and their derivatives can be used to derive all electromagnetism.

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