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Sho.Wiki is all about the S.H.O. Drive, a new type of electric motor.

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YouTube URL: youtube.com/ShoWiki

Coding Bootcamp Application

Tue 1/9/2018, 2:53 PM Now that you have completed your phone interview, you will want to click here to complete your Skills Assessment. This takes 15 minutes to complete. Go through each of the questions and answer to the best of your ability. Remember that this is not a pass/fail and will not be factored in your overall Admissions decision.

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"If accepted into our program, prepare to complete at least 16 hours of prep work before class starts."

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New website

https://arqumari.com/ - Web Services by Kevin Marinas. Sincerely, S.H.O. talk 10:06, 18 June 2018 (PDT)

Physics Stack Exchange Questions

See also: Precession Circle


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Quick Questions

What is the S.H.O. about?
This will be the first drive motor in the world to have a coil that looks like an S, or an H, or an O, depending on which side you look from.

S.H.O. Drive Sketch and Renders.png

Visit http://sho.wiki/3d to see the full-page version of this animation!

A simple version with only the path of the S.H.O. Coils can be found at http://sho.wiki/3d/simple.

An advanced version displaying the magnetic fields and vector potential can be found at http://sho.wiki/3d/advanced.

What does S.H.O. stand for?
S.H.O. stands for “Side Hung Over”.

What good is this for?
The best way to know is to build one yourself and show it!

How do I make it?
Details can be found at the Replication Station.

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