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Here is a showcase of videos recorded on December 2016 which may be found on the YouTube playlist [SHO.WIKI] 2016-12:

Summary of activity


December 5, 2016

Date: 2016.12.05

Description: First Video in My New Apartment

Filename: 00085.MTS


Date: 2016.12.05

Description: Moved into My New Apartment

Filename: 00086.MTS


December 9, 2016

Date: 2016.12.09

Description: Low Light Video Test

Filename: 00087.MTS


December 19, 2016

Main article: YouTube/2016-12-19
Date: 2016.12.19

Description: Make Plan & Hypothesis for the S.H.O. Drive

Filename: 20161219161915.mp4

Post-Production: Compressed from 20161219161915.mts (MTS-to-MP4) using Handbrake (

0:00:00 Description 1: Reviewing the S.H.O. Drive Build Plan

0:20:02 Description 2: Reviewing the S.H.O. Drive Build Plan (Continued) + Magnetic Fields and Induction of the S.H.O. Drive

0:40:05 Description 3: Magnetic Fields and Induction of the S.H.O. Drive (Continued) + Magnetization Fields + Magnetic Vector Potential + Current Densities

1:00:07 Description 4: Current Densities (Continued) + Magnetic Fields and Cross Products + Atomic Kinetic Energies + SHO.WIKI (Memory Lane)

1:20:09 Description 5: SHO.WIKI (Memory Lane) (Continued)

Original Clip 1:

Original Clip 2:

Original Clip 3:

Original Clip 4:

Original Clip 5:


December 31, 2012

Date: 2016.12.31

Description: Recent Website Updates + 3D Animations for SHO.WIKI

Filename: 00000.MTS


Date: 2016.12.31

Description: Smallocracy + New Stuff for the Apartment + Happy New Year!

Filename: 00001.MTS


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